News Channel 12/Survey USA Poll Shows Melton In The Lead For Jackson Mayor

A News Channel 12, Survey USA poll shows Frank Melton ahead in the Jackson mayor’s race.

We polled 783 registered voters in Jackson. We asked them who would make a better mayor, Harvey Johnson or Frank Melton?

Sixty-four percent say Frank Melton would make a better mayor. Thirty percent say current Mayor Harvey Johnson and 6% say they are not sure.

When is comes to race both African Americans and Whites feel Melton would make a better mayor. Fifty-five percent of African Americans polled favor Frank Melton. Thirty-eight percent favor Harvey Johnson and 7% are not sure. For Whites, 88% favor Melton. Eight percent favor Johnson and 4% are not sure.

When it comes to political party both Democrats and Republicans favor Frank Melton. Fifty-seven percent of Democrats favor Melton. Thirty-six percent favor Johnson and 7% are not sure. On the Republican side: 82% favor Melton. Thirteen percent favor Johnson and 5% are not sure.