Rumors fly about a rematch of Palazzo and Taylor in 2014

I don’t get the sense that Palazzo has yet developed an overpowering Coast following, despite the fact he’s almost midway into his second term. During his first three years in office, he was criticized for not being accessible to his constituents and he rarely holds town hall meetings. This low profile might contribute to the perception there’s some vulnerability there.

It seems Palazzo is finding his voice now, though, and there’s been some shift in his camp’s thinking. He’s making a few more public appearances and touts his standing on several House committees. He’s assembled a pretty good set of talking points, too. And he made several appearances on the Coast on Wednesday.

My take is making more appearances and holding more town halls can only be good for the congressman, who seems to have a good rapport with the crowds he addresses. I saw that when I covered his 2010 campaign and he’s more polished now.

Michael Newsome
Sun Herald