Newt Gingrich addresses Mississippi legislators, Realtors in Jackson

During his stop at the Capitol, Gingrich, who is scheduled to appear at Landers Center in Southaven for a rally at 8 tonight, touched on his opposition to federal bureaucracies and reiterated his ideas of letting parents decide what schools their children attend. He also talked about extending Pell grants to the poor in grades K-12.

Gingrich received a warm welcome in the House, but Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, a Mitt Romney supporter, kept him at arm’s length during his brief appearance in the Senate chamber.

Reeves and Gingrich spoke briefly before leaving the Senate.

Gingrich hit his themes of reduced government spending and returning money to the states during his talks with House members and then a gathering of the state’s Realtors.

“One of the things we can do is consolidate and return power back to the states so that you can be creative, you can be flexible on the local levels,” he told House members. “There are 85 federal bureaucracies, each of them eating up money that should be spent back home helping people in a real way.”

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