NEWT GINGRICH: The right way to Alzheimer’s breakthroughs

Government initiatives frequently cost far too much, and with few results to show for it. Boosters of the bureaucracy consider such waste part of the cost of doing business, while bureaucracy’s critics consider it a good reason to leave problem solving to the rest of society.

Sen. Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, has a unique idea to solve one of America’s greatest challenges while turning this cost equation on its head—an initiative that spends no taxpayer money upfront, spurs competition in the private sector, produces more promising results, and saves dramatically more money.

Mr. Wicker wants to establish cash prizes for breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s research that have the potential to save both lives and money. Indeed, considering how much Alzheimer’s is projected to cost taxpayers over the next few decades, it’s possible that prizes leading to a cure for Alzheimer’s—in addition to improving and extending millions of lives—would be one of the greatest government cost saving measures in American history.

Washington Times