National Federation of Independent Business endorses Cory Wilson for House District 66!

The National Federation of Independent Business, Mississippi’s leading small-business advocacy group, has endorsed Cory Wilson in House District 66! “Cory Wilson is a great choice for his district because he understands the role of free enterprise in his community,” NFIB/Mississippi State Director Ron Aldridge said in announcing the endorsement. “NFIB members are backing Cory Wilson because he can be counted on to promote and protect their right to own, operate and grow their businesses.” Aldridge said Wilson supports an agenda that includes keeping taxes low, bolstering workforce development and protecting comprehensive tort reform passed in 2004.

NFIB’s endorsement is a key one for Cory Wilson. NFIB has pledged to Wilson that it will activate its grassroots network on his behalf. “It is a great honor to have the support of small business in my effort to bring pro-growth leadership to the House,” Wilson said. “NFIB knows that to make the most of Mississippi’s moment in history, we need thriving small businesses. I’ll work hard to make sure our business community can grow our economy.”

The Wilson Wagon rolls on!

This Saturday, Cory will be going out again to knock on doors and meet voters in District 66. If you are able and willing to help for a couple hours on Saturday, please let us know by calling (601) 421-0993 or (601) 366-0783, or emailing Cory at [email protected] We need your help to spread our message of new leadership for the House!

If you would like to help Cory’s campaign in other ways—by putting out a yard sign, by calling your friends, or by volunteering, please let us know. Please call us, email, or visit Cory’s website, to join the Wilson Wagon! And, spread the word to your friends and family! Thank you for your continued interest and your support!

Cory Wilson Campaign Release