NFL Combine: Should Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford be first QB drafted?

It is time to embark on a time-honored tradition: debating who should be the top quarterback taken in the NFL draft.

This year, it’s Jimmy Clausen vs. Sam Bradford.

The consensus is that the two are the best quarterbacks available in a weak class. But who would you take first?

There is much to discuss, especially during the NFL Scouting Combine this weekend. Neither will throw because they are coming off injuries (Clausen toe, Bradford shoulder) but top quarterbacks generally stay away from throwing in Indianapolis.

Among some of the observers, Mike Mayock of NFL Network has Bradford ranked No. 1 and Clausen ranked No. 2. ESPN’s Todd McShay also ranks Bradford ahead of Clausen — in fact, he doesn’t even have Clausen

going in the first round.