NFL has Favre where it wants him — in New York

On Monday, I’ll share my thoughts about the Chiefs’ surprising and inspiring effort in their preseason opener. Today, I have a final thought on the Brett Favre saga.
Imagine that this tale had played out in the NBA:
Michael Jordan, the biggest star in the game, gets in a protracted dispute with the Chicago Bulls about his desire to rejoin the franchise he’s carried for more than a decade. In an effort to mitigate the situation, commissioner David Stern gets on the phone with Jordan and Bulls management.

With a stated justification of giving the Bulls and Jordan time to work out their differences, Stern delays for several days ruling on Jordan’s reinstatement paperwork. Jordan states publicly that he wants to return to a handful of playoff-caliber teams — the Bulls, the Pacers, the Bucks and the Suns.
And then, from seemingly nowhere, Jordan agrees to be traded to the last-place New Jersey Nets.
What would’ve been the media reaction?
We would’ve strongly speculated that Stern manipulated the situation to get Jordan into America’s No. 1 TV and media market.