NFL still loves the ACC, SEC

Spring practice is officially over. The NFL Draft is officially over. So what did we learn over the weekend?
The NFL still loves the ACC, SEC: As we told you last Friday, over the past five drafts before Saturday the SEC (191) and the ACC (176) have had more draft picks than any of the nine other Division I-A conferences. In Saturday’s first round the SEC had three of the first six picks, four of the top 12 and five of the top 18.
ACC had four of the first nine and nine of the first 45, which was more than any other conference.

The SEC had eight first-round selections and the ACC had five. So 13 of the first 32 players chosen in the first round of the draft, over 40 percent, came from those two conferences. The final totals in the draft were, by conference:


Total picks———-37——-33——-32——-28—-28——27