NFL Truths … back for another season

We’re back! It’s time for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the NFL Truths.
If you haven’t heard, my NFL Truths column is a must-read for any serious NFL fan. Every coach, general manager and owner in the league — except Ted Thompson — reads this weekly column religiously.
This is a special training-camp edition. The Truth will return permanently with the start of the NFL season. Munch on these truths until kickoff of the regular season:

10. Every head coach not leading a team nicknamed the Packers, Jets, Buccaneers or Vikings owes Brett Favre a gigantic thank you. The Favre saga pretty much allowed teams to go about the business of preparing without media distraction.
I’d assume that Bill Belichick and the Patriots — despite having to face Favre twice this season — are the happiest.
Without Favre, the NFL media would still be milking the pointless Spygate story and there would be a lot of talk about how the Patriots will rebound from their Super Bowl letdown.
For my money, New England’s Super Bowl defeat will have a significant impact on this season.