If you can’t get enough Nick Saban, come November you’ll have a chance to check him out on the silver screen.

In Mobile on Tuesday with the Crimson Caravan, Saban talked about filming his bit part in the upcoming movie “Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. The film, which is based on Michael Lewis’ book about former Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher’s life, is scheduled for release in November.

“I had to thank the entire crew for taking this,” Saban said, gesturing toward himself, “and trying to mold it into something that was presentable for the big screen. … You don’t have to be around Sandra Bullock or Tim McGraw long to figure out why they are successful at what they do. They have a tremendous amount of professionalism and a real quality about their work and they have tremendous pride and I really enjoyed it.

“You know, I had two out-of-body expreriences — starting the race at Talladega on Sunday and being a part of a movie on Friday. I’ve never done either one of those things and they were really experiences. I don’t know if I’d want to sign up for them again but I enjoyed both.”

Other nuggets from Saban from the Mobile stop at the downtown Battle House Hotel — the fourth on the seven-city caravan tour:

On Julio Jones’ recent sports hernia surgery: “Julio Jones had a very minor surgery. It’s a three-week rehab. He’s fine. This is nothing for anybody to worry about. It’s not anything significant. He went through the whole spring with it and it wasn’t a problem for him. But it is something that could get progressively worse if it’s not taken care of, so we made the decision and the doctor made the decision that … we were better served to take care of it now.”