Nick Saban plays mind games with media

You have to hand it to the guys who handed Phillip Fulmer a subpoena the other day. They did what no one else in this state has managed to do in the last 19 months.
They upstaged Nick Saban.
The Alabama coach gave his deposition Thursday at SEC Kickoff 2008, but he was not the story of the day. A legal handoff in a five-year-old lawsuit was.
It’s clear that Saban still has work to do in his continuing efforts to move Alabama football into the 21st century.
He’s come a great distance in that regard with his new-age phraseology, which he repeated at the Wynfrey, his talk of “process” and “self-determination” and “positive energy.”
Paul Bryant employed lots of psychology.
He just didn’t talk about it so much.
Saban admitted Thursday that he fooled “around in graduate school by having a concentration in sports psychology.”