Nick Saban plays second fiddle in Mobile; Tebow gets too much media

Fairhope needs new scoreboard
I wanted to make a comment about Senior Bowl practice in Fairhope. I’m a graduate of Fairhope High School from 1986. The field looks immaculate. The stands look immaculate, but it’s the same scoreboard as when I was there. If Fairhope is doing all that to make their facilities look nice, how come they can’t upgrade the scoreboard? It would make the whole Senior Bowl experience much more pleasurable.
Too much Tebow
Here we go again. You make it sound like if Tim Tebow were not in the Senior Bowl then we wouldn’t have one this year. You’ve built him up too high.
Meyer, Saban just alike
Finebaum is right about Urban Meyer. Florida should have a coach like Nick “I-will-not-be-coaching-at-Alabama” Saban. Then they would have some real integrity.