Nifonging in Miss.: Miss. Sup. Ct., right 11-year wrong NOW!

Having this memorandum in hand, and knowing that Senior Assistant District Attorney Robert Taylor signed the orders of dismissal for the State, Mr. Kilpatrick decided to take Mr. Taylor’s deposition on the hunch that Mr. Taylor was the author of the memorandum. And what a bonanza of insider information Mr. Taylor divulged after being sworn in; first and foremost being that Mr. Taylor admitted that he was the author of the memorandum and it was drafted approximately a week before he and then District Attorney Faye Peterson (successor to Ed Peters) dismissed the criminal charges against Mr. Shelton and his former client.

In a nutshell, and giving due credit to Lotus, reproduced herein is the essence of the corruption that was unveiled in Mr. Taylor’s deposition taken last spring with a representative of the Mississippi Bar in attendance:

Lotus put it splendidly

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