Nigel Farage of Brexit fame appeared on SuperTalk radio’s JT Show Wednesday morning ahead of his appearances with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Mississippi.

He will be attending a $1,000 per ticker fundraiser with Trump and a rally at he Mississippi Coliseum today, both in Jackson.

Farage said he was being careful not to tell the American people how to vote, as President Barack Obama seemingly did in Great Britain when he joined Prime Minister David Cameron in the summer.

Instead, Farage said he was telling his story – the Brexit story – and compared it to what was happening in America with the movement around Trump.

The British politician told of the abuse he took prior to the vote to leave the European Union, abuse from “the establishment and the liberal media.” Farage said at the heart of it was immigration, a familiar tune to that of Trump who has called for a strengthening of US immigration policy, halting the refugee program, and building a wall on the southern American border.

Farage said the polls and pundits did not accurately predict the Brexit vote. He believes that could be the case for Trump heading into the November general election. Trump has consistently polled below Democrat Hillary Clinton nationwide.

Here in Mississippi, Trump is well ahead of Clinton, according to our Yall Politics recent polling.

Farage said he was not officially endorsing Trump, careful to not follow the example of Obama in Britain, but he’s actively telling the Brexit story and sees similarities of what can happen in the US.

He said in no uncertain terms that he would not support Clinton. Farage said Clinton represents the establishment class, of which so many are tired of in America and Great Britain, he noted.

Farage says Trump needs to stick to his key messages – security, safety, economy and the like – and not veer off message.

Gov. Phil Bryant is expected to join the events today with Farage and Trump. Farage told of meeting Bryant at the Republican National Convention and took to the Mississippi governor quickly.

Farage said, “Don’t sit around… If you want to change things, you have to get your walking boots on… This election gives you a very clear choice… Doing nothing isn’t an option.”