Scruggs II trial: Balducci testimony

In the deposition, Balducci said DeLaughter was concerned that he had been passed over. Notes that the openings were filled on April 24th and June; the cross examiner suggests that the call from Lott could not have occurred after DeLaughter was passed over because it happened in March. Balducci states that he may not have been precise about his language in the deposition.

“I have tried very hard to put this behind me. I don’t think about it. I don’t want to be here testifying. All I want is to put this behind me.”

Q. People are in jail because of your words

A. People are in jail for what they did not because of my words.

. . . .

Q. …One of the more curious statements I’ve ever read is that you said [in the deposition] that “what I did in this case… was more unethical and morally wrong than anything I’d ever done.”

Balducci answered that he was referring to a continuing process through to Judge Lackey. “ I have been man enough to take my punishment like a man and serve my time and pay my debt.”