Balducci Sentencing: Balducci and the Government

Bob Norman then spoke:

I wake up some mornings and look at where we are and I look at how far we have gone in these cases and where we are going. Not because of me, Tom Dawson, or Chad Lamar, but because of Tim Balducci we are were we are in this case. His cooperation was immediate, unrelenting, and continuing. He asked people not to write letters on his behalf, and made no objections to the Presentence Report. He doesn’t contest anything in it. He is trying to right the wrong he has done. At the beginning, I thought there was considerable risk to him and his family.

He has literally been digging ditches to support his family.

I don’t want to presume to speak for everyone in the office, but I have made some inquiries, and our office has never seen substantial cooperation like this.