NMC calls on reporters, bloggers and publishers to join him in challenging sealed case records

On Friday, I posted that the routine sealing of court files is illegal in Mississippi, and explained why. I think its time to challenge this practice, and to insist that trial courts follow the procedure explicitly required by the Mississippi Supreme Court in the Hand case. There are a couple of sealed cases that come to mind– specifically Eaton Corp. v. Frisby and Wilson v. Scruggs (the one in Hinds County Circuit). I am unsure whether Wilson remains sealed and have not seen the actual seal orders in either case– it is possible that the original orders in some respects complied with the Hand procedure, although I’d be surprised if that were so.

So I’m going to open a discussion thread with several purposes: 1) Bring up cases that are under seal where the seal should be challenged. They should not be divorce cases, because the Mississippi Supreme Court has to an extent authorized the routine sealing of those (although challenging that might be interesting, because obviously that statute would not trump the First Amendment issues underlying the Hand case. But I want to start simple). Discuss. I’m thinking Eaton. 2) Any media outlet that wants to join in can say so in the thread, or shoot me an email at nmisscommentor (at) gmail.com. I would like to see a couple of bloggers, reporters, publishers, etc. 3) Also, I’d prefer some lawyer help in Hinds County if possible, assuming that’s where we start. And if anyone wants to snag those seal orders for me to peruse, I’d appreciate it.