Bill Maher doubles down

To put it simply: Pick a representation of southern rednecks– The Beverly Hillbillies, the bad guys in Deliverance, whatever. Pick a representation of blacks– Amos and Andy, or anything from minstrelsy. And the white Mississippians last week were as bad or worse than the first group, while the black New Yorkers this week were as bad or worse than the second group. Maher is essentially saying, “I’m just funning with offensive stereotypes here,” right?

I don’t know what the punch line was, because I changed the channel, in hopes of seeing Xavier upset Notre Dame and take the bad taste out of my mouth. Bigotry is bigotry, and all of this made me understand Maher’s defense of Rush Limbaugh. I’m not sure I’d call it a boycott (with Maher or Limbaugh, either one), but I’m not willing to give Maher the opportunity to count me in his audience. I’m done with him and his show.