NMC – Deceased organ grinder wins monkey in Marshal court case

When I reported the great Lafayette County chicken case, I was told that Judge Lackey also had before him an appeal from justice court of a replevin case over a monkey. The suit had been filed in Marshall County.

I got the basics of the story at a chancery ex parte day in Marshall County, but, not exactly doubting the veracity of lawyers telling stories while waiting for the judge, I had a concern for distinguishing embroidery and decoration added for aesthetic purposes from cold, hard facts– so I asked the judge and got confirmation. Another reliable source confirmed much of the detail today.

It seems that an organ grinder from Miami Beach sold his monkey for $6,000 to a Marshall County woman.

I was told this was a rare monkey. At first, it seemed to me that $6000 was a lot to be paying for a monkey. Perhaps not for an unusual one. That detail of the seller being an organ grinder seemed too good to be true, too, but (thanks to the internet) I discover that there really was an organ grinder in Miami (and, confirming part of the story, he really did die recently). There’s also an episode of the TV show CSI:Miami called “organ grinder,” but it’s clearly about something else and I don’t want to contemplate that too closely.