12-11-07: Ed Peters doesn’t come clean with the FBI

Peters was asked about his role in the Wilson case and said he could not provide specifics without talking to Langston and Balducci. He referred them to Langston to learn how much he was being paid on a “consulting contract he had with Langston,” a “one year contract… to provide advice on court matters to include reviewing motions and jury selection.”

He “stated that the money [paid by Langston] when through his bank accounts and could be traced.”


PETERS was asked if he contacted, on behalf of LANGSTON, the Judge assuaged to the WILLIAM ROBERTS WILSON V. RICHARD F. SCRUGGS case. Peters stated he did not have any contact with the judge in the case.

MAJOR double oops! This is immediately followed by:

At this point in the interview, PETERS advised he would like to speak with an attorney before proceeding with any further questioning.