NMC — Judge DeLaughter visits Oxford, and some thoughts on that final count in the indictment

Judge DeLaughter’s lawyer is in town to meet with the prosecutors (a trip he mentioned in his request to delay a reply on the grand jury motion, where he suggested that some of the issues could possibly be resolved and stated “On April 14, 2009, undersigned counsel Durkin had a telephone conversation with AUSA Bob Norman concerning these issues and a meeting was scheduled in Oxford for Monday, April 27, 2009.”). Interestingly enough, the client is in Oxford, too.

Meanwhile, in another development, Judge Davidson entered an order that he’s allowing the defense until June 1st to file any new, non-repetitive motions.

This is as good a time as any for some additional thoughts about the motions aimed at the substance of the case. The motions filed to date are aimed at the counts alleging bribery and mail fraud. They do not allude to the charge for lying to the FBI agent. The core part of that charge alleges that Judge DeLaughter lied by saying he’d never discussed with Ed Peters…