Langston Sentencing Part 3: Judge Mills statement on sentencing

Judge Mills’s view of this case was driven by two things: First, the seriousness of the case and the assault on the rule of law it represented, and, second, on the fact that Joey’s cooperation was what he’d already agreed to do, and for which he already had received a great benefit, because the case guidelines at 60 months and he had a plea agreement that capped his sentence at 36 months.

The judge started by saying that under the guidelines, there is a total offense level of 27. This guidelines up to 60 months.

I have considered the statements … and letters… and have given a great deal of thought to this case. For the lawyers in the northern district Mississippi and the attorneys it is a very personal mater.

The young lawyers who wrote letters on your behalf are outstanding young lawyers and are people of credibility. … You have as much talent as any attorney I’ve ever seen. You are an outstanding litigator. With those talents came a duty to truthfully honestly and fairly represent your clients and that talent has been taken away.