Langston sentencing – some atmospherics

The court room was full but not packed. It was a solemn proceeding– Joey Langston made a very eloquent statement of his acceptance of his guilt and his sorrow that seemed to me genuine (the only reason I use the word “seemed” is I know he was thought by many as a very effective courtroom lawyer and his skills could have been showing. But I thought it genuine). Tony Farese was fine, but was not there to steal the scene from Joey Langston. Dawson was forceful in explaining the value of Joey Langston’s assistance.

The audience was a mixture of people– a lot of lawyers with connections of one kind or another to the case (William Quin, who thought of the theory behind the MCI case and later worked in Langston’s firm; Charles Merkel, who represented Luckey and Wilson against Scruggs, and Vicki Slater, who represents Wilson), Roberts Wilson’s son, Barney Robinson of Butler Snow, Shane Langston and his wife. As Lotus noted in comments, Scruggs’ accountant was there.