NMC pears into the Pickering vs. Pickering docket (online now in Madison!) for clues

Oh, and about the Pickering case. There’s a good news/bad news aspect. The good news is that the docket is visible and available. The bad news is that it’s under seal by agreement. But I’ve copied the docket, below, and I can make an interesting gloss on some of it; you can piece together some of the story about the diaries and the chancery court orders from the entries.

The case began as an irreconcilable differences complaint by Mr. Pickering against Mrs. Pickering in July of last year. Such a divorce requires her consent. A hearing was set on it, and then a motion to dismiss filed by her in June of this year.
He immediately filed (on June 12th) a motion to amend the complaint. I’m going to surmise that he wanted to ask for a divorce for grounds. A hearing was set for June 22nd.
On June 15th, a motion to appoint a special master was filed. It’s not said who filed it, but later entries make it clear that this was where Chip Pickering first raised the issue about how Leisha Pickering got his diaries. This motion got added to the June 22nd hearing.

Tom Freeland