Poultry Enters an Appearance In Lafayette County Circuit

So today Judge Lackey is on the bench hearing motions and I’m not sure what else, and someone brings to court, as some sort of demonstrative evidence I guess, two live chickens and a carton of eggs.

I am not kidding.

So are they arguing about which came first? I will attempt to investigate.


It turns out that a well-trained hunting dog was running loose and going onto a neighbor’s property. The neighbor claims that the dog was breaking into his chicken house and shot the dog. The dog owner is now sueing the neighbor/chicken owner over his dog, and the chicken owner, appearing pro se, has decided to bring chickens (not to mention eggs) as demonstrative evidence.

In the interest of full accuracy, I’ll add that the chickens were quite small.

There’s precedent for this suit– just look in the Descriptive Word Index to the Mississippi Digest, where under “DOGS” there is an entry: “SUCKING eggs, killing of dog as malicious mischief. Anim 45?.

As is usual for the digest, this entry does not exactly describe what one finds in the cases. The digest contains a case called Thomas v. State, 148 So. 225, a 1933 case from Carroll County.