Scruggs I and II erupt: Some notes on the November 2007-January 2008

•Monday, December 10: Langston office searched by Feds. Weirdly, on December 11th, Jim Hood made a statement distancing himself from Balducci but embracing Langston: “Our contracts have been with the Langston Law Firm, not directly with Timothy Balducci,” Hood says through a spokeswoman. On the same day, Bobby DeLaughter has a talk with the FBI in his chambers in Raymond.

•Tuesday, December 11: Ed Peters has a talk with the FBI. The visits to Peters and DeLaughter seem pretty clearly surprise visits and neither has a lawyer. It’s not clear whether Peters had been given a heads-up from DeLaughter that he’d had a visit the day before.

•Sunday, December 17: Jerry Mitchell goes public that the FBI focus has turned to Wilson v. Scruggs, Peters, and DeLaughter.

•Wednesday, December 20: Bobby DeLaughter talks to the FBI again. This time he has a lawyer present. He still hasn’t quite figured out that talking to the FBI is a dangerous gambit.