NMC – To have (Barrett) there … was the creepiest moment I’ve ever had in a courtroom

Pulled from comments, NMC talks about Barrett’s appearance at DeLaughter’s hearing:

Personally, I don’t think Barrett is anything but a wannabee– he showed up in Mississippi in the late 60s, and even the Sov. Comm. and other segregationists wouldn’t have him (their reaction was to have him investigated). He’d love to represent white Mississippi, or conservative Mississippi, or something, but he doesn’t.

I’m a bleeding heart liberal and it would never dawn on my to link him to anyone seriously involved in Mississippi politics.

Dropping Barrett, from a historical standpoint, it was totally haunting to see Beckwith’s son turn up at the sentencing. Drop politics for a moment (while Beckwith’s father was no wannabee– he was assisted in his trial by the Sov. Comm. folk who didn’t like Barrett– he’s a vestige of the past, not current political debates, but was tied in to the political structure of the Ross Barnett era). To have him there, muttering about justice, was the creepiest moment I’ve ever had in a courtroom.