NMC: Wilson and the government squabble over Ed Peters’ forfeited money

Roberts Wilson has filed a response to the Government’s motion to strike his claim on what remains of the fee Ed Peters was paid for improperly influencing Judge DeLaughter.

Between Christmas and New Year, the Government filed an suit stating that Ed Peters had surrendered $425K in cash that remained after taxes and market losses of the $1M he’d been paid by Dickie Scruggs as a reverse contingent fee. This was the first public confirmation of what had been rumored (and even reported in the press for a year)– that Ed Peters was cooperating with the government.

It seemed pretty nice of the government to not require him to cough up the full thing, and Wilson makes a point of the inadequate nature of the forfeiture in their response.

Wilson filed a claim against the funds, and the Govrernment moved to strike that response. Wilson had now filed two pleadings in opposition to the Government’s motion to strike, one a response and the other a memorandum.