Ok, I’ve read McDaniel’s complaint, and SURPRISE! there’s no there there.

What I’ve never heard suggested is the notion that there were enough bad/dubious/wrong votes that whole precincts, counties, etc. could be disregarded. This would be repulsive to democracy (little “d” there folks), becuase it would suggest that folks in, say, Hinds County, who voted perfectly legitimately to their candidate and possibly even friend of choice, and did no wrong, would have their vote, and their constitutional right to vote, not counted, because some other citizens of Hinds County didn’t follow the rules.

Well, the McDaniel challenge is premised on exactly that kind of thinking. He is saying that, because Democrats (and even African Americans!) voted in Hinds County, every single Hinds County vote should be thrown out. And! (he argues) Do that and I win!

Got it. I was curious, dubious, but ready to be persuaded. Well, more like interested to see if I could be persuaded. And I’m not.