No fear of Buckeye bias in the SEC

This just in: The Big Ten Conference media voted Ohio State as the preseason favorite to win a fourth consecutive Big Ten Conference championship.
You know what that means. Southeastern Conference teams are slobbering over the prospect of dope-slapping the Buckeyes again in a third-consecutive BCS National Championship Game.
OK, so maybe that’s too big of a leap to make here at the end of July. After all, if Auburn wins the SEC, who is to say the Tigers wouldn’t get bumped off by the BCS process again, just like 2004?

And, really, it’s not fair to assume that just because Ohio State has been spotted seven points by Florida in 2006 and 14 by LSU in 2007 only to wind up getting blown out both times that Georgia could give them 21 and still win by 20. Like the commercial says, past performance is no guarantee of future results (although the people that say that sure want you to believe that it is).
But here’s the question that was put to me by CBS senior writer Dennis Dodd, calling from the Big Ten media days in Chicago last week: Given the way the Buckeyes performed in the last two BCS Championship Games, does anyone want to see Ohio State get a third chance in as many years?

In other words, could there be a bias by voters against Ohio State?