Our favorite fool is back as is his foolishness.

There is a determined effort to smear Republican legislators through mailers. The interesting part is the mailers were sent not by the usual Democratic suspects but instead by a group represented by former Chris McDaniel campaign spokesman and our old friend Noel Fritsch. Nothing like a bumbling braggadocios bully who thinks he is actually a super-genius. Fritsch the Fool generated some buzz a few months ago during the legislative session as a representative for the National Association for Gun Rights as he repeatedly threatened legislators, backstabbed Senators who sponsored his bills, and made the pages of the newspaper a few times with his antics. However, this bunch is back and at it again.

The National Association for Gun Rights sent out mailers targeting individual Republican legislators across Mississippi. What is funny is this bunch NEVER attacks Democrats. They also don’t believe in following the law. The Clarion-Ledger reported in May that the group was fined $500 by the Secretary of State for seeking donations and avoiding registering with the state as required by law.

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