Normally, we stand the post to expose ignorance where and when we see it. Chris McDaniel campaign guy Noel Fritsch is a familiar target to that particular effort.

Apparently, he sent a mail piece out on behalf of the MS Assn of Gun Rights trying to scare folks about a “recent” effort to mark ammo. Problem is, the bill he named that was public enemy number one, SB 2030 just happened to be the Common Core bill. #Whoops. The bill he was supposed to be talking about (SB 2219) died a quick an efficient death over a month prior to Fritsch sending the scare letter and never saw the light of day.

Mr. George Whitten of Greenwood does a more than serviceable job slapping the duncecap on Fritsch. The real question is when will the National Association of Gun Rights ever catch on to the abject foolishness they’re funding in the Magnolia State?

MS Assn for Gun Rights head Noel Fritsch delivers another facepalm moment