The Mississippi-Wisconsin Pipeline Could Sink Trump’s Presidency – by Noel Fritsch

Just before the June 24, 2014 primary runoff election between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel, I got word that Donald Trump might endorse my boss Chris McDaniel. I didn’t believe it, but The Donald did end up endorsing Chris.

I’d served as Chris’s Communications Director. We were cresting the #DrainTheSwamp #MakeDCListen wave, and nearly rode it into Washington.

But it wasn’t to be. Long-time D.C. insider Haley Barbour and his well-placed army of lackeys, including Reince Priebus and Henry Barbour, made sure of that….

…Reince and the Barbours campaigned against Mr. Trump. They’ve proven they’ll do anything to retain power.

That includes a silent attempt at overthrowing Donald Trump’s presidency from day one.

Daily Caller