NORTHSIDE SUN – In the end, it comes down to the individual – like Judge Lackey

Growing old has its drawbacks, but one positive aspect is the opportunity to see things come full circle.

While the national and state media were treating Scruggs and company as national heroes for taking down Big Tobacco, I was warning that our judicial system was being corrupted by an unprecedented amount of money.

I wrote dozens of editorials, appeared on “60 Minutes,” and was sued for billions by big-time plaintiffs attorneys trying to intimidate me. It was not an easy time. In the end, the Mississippi Legislature passed the fairest tort reform laws in the nation.

As I talked with Mississippi Judge Henry Lackey at the Kings of Tort book signing, I realized a truism about our great country. In the end, it comes down to good people doing the right thing in tough situations. Judge Lackey is one of those people.

Northside Sun