Dear fellow Republican,

Along with voting for Mitt Romney on November 6, there are many other important races in Mississippi that you need to pay attention to. These races will have implications far beyond our state’s borders.

Senator Roger Wicker has been a great leader for many years working tirelessly for our state and our country in the Senate. Over the past four years, he has fought the liberal agenda of Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama. During that time, the Democratic leadership has refused to perform even their basic duties. It has been more than 1,200 days since the Senate passed a budget. Meanwhile, the federal government has spent more than $10 trillion during that same time. This is simply unacceptable.

Across the nation, Republicans are working hard for a majority in the Senate, but we can’t take anything for granted in Mississippi. We must re-elect Senator Wicker.

At the same time, we need to send Congressmen Alan Nunnelee, Gregg Harper, and Steven Palazzo back to Washington. Over the past two years, the new Republican majority has passed 39 bi-partisan jobs bills that sit awaiting Senate action. These are common sense, pro-growth policies that give small businesses and entrepreneurs renewed confidence in our economy and remove Washington as the roadblock to job creation.

We also have the opportunity for change in Mississippi’s Second District. Over the past two decades, the district has become more impoverished while Congressman Bennie Thompson has sat idly by. Bill Marcy will make a great Congressman for all the voters of the Second District.

The Democrats are working to give the Speaker’s gavel back to Nancy Pelosi. I could think of few words more dangerous and disastrous than the phrase “Speaker Nancy Pelosi.” That is why we must support our Republican Congressional candidates.

Because of redistricting, many voters in the state are now in a new district. You can view the new map here, and please contact our state office at 601-948-5191 if you have any questions.

Considering what is at stake in this election, it is imperative that you vote for your Republican ticket on November 6. We must hold the House, take control of the Senate, and capture the White House as we work to erase the failed policies of the Obama administration.


Joe Nosef
Chairman, Mississippi Republican Party