Not many in SEC will call offense

The only head coach who has called the offensive plays for a team that won the SEC title since 2001 was Georgia’s Mark Richt in 2002 and 2005. But even Richt has rethought the process, turning over the role of offensive coordinator to ex-UGA quarterback Mike Bobo last year.
He’s not alone among great offensive minds who are starting to ponder if they need to focus more on their head coaching tasks and less on tinkering with plays.
At South Carolina, even the man who has been labeled one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football history is having a change of heart. Steve Spurrier handed much of that task over to his son, Steve, Jr., in the spring.
Meanwhile, new Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino has no intention of letting anyone else run the Hogs’ offense. Houston Nutt gave up play-calling late in his tenure at Arkansas, but took the task back in his new job at Mississippi.
Good move? Bad move? Depends on whom you’re talking to.
Richt says stepping aside has been a huge help in his role as head coach.