Notre Dame QB Clausen: “Charlie Weis IS Getting Fired Because of Me”

Writers and broadcasters put words in Jimmy Clausen’s mouth when they recount how he predicted national championships on that fateful April 2006 day at the College Football Hall of Fame.

His actual words were, “That’s what I’m here for, to try to get four national championship rings.”

To try.

It wasn’t a prediction. It was a hope.

Yet for three years, it was the California native’s most quotable moment, used mostly as a punch-line.

Then came April 2009 and the Sporting News ‘ cover story.

“Coach Weis will not get fired because of me.”

That was a prediction. It was a promise. And ever since, it has become the Notre Dame junior’s most quotable moment.

Unfortunately, it seems the Irish are about to turn Clausen’s words into a punchline again.