Notre Dame Was Feeling Left Out Of All The Expansion Talk, And Set About Fixing This

So what’s the other scenario that forces ND into a conference? The BCS could yank Notre Dame’s special privilege to BCS bowls, but they can’t take away the school’s ability to get in altogether without facing a lawsuit they will lose like whoah. And given the way the BCS has fallen all over itself to take plainly undeserving ND teams whenever qualified, taking away that bonus access is a threat without teeth. I don’t see the scenario out there without something truly epic going down.

Swarbrick, then, thinks something epic could go down:

“I think seismic is a possibility,” he said. “I don’t know where the spectrum falls out. You have such an interesting media environment here. It’s having such an impact on people. You have two conferences who have separated themselves economically. And you have all the other conferences lined up in successive years for broadcast negotiations. That’s a tough situation for everyone in that position. The bar has been set so high, and the media market is so tepid, that it creates tension.”

He added: “I’ve been in and around this business for 29 years now. This is as unstable as I’ve seen it.”