CHARLES COOLEY: Wake up and vote for McDaniel and Taylor

After viewing some recent Letters to the Editor in the Sun Herald, I think the people just may be waking up.Such as the letter from Anna A. Cox on things wrong in America today.

If you read that, you had to notice it all happened on Thad Cochran’s watch. Is America better after Thad’s 40-plus years, or better before 1972? Jobs, education, Social Security, your rights, morals, our military strength, and on and on. Yeah, Thad, you’ve been great.

He voted for billions and maybe trillions of debt around the country just so his cronies would vote him a little trickle of funds in Mississippi.

He says he never heard of Chris McDaniel, yet he spends money for ads every 15 minutes to blast him.

I have voted Republican for many years, but Cochran, Trent Lott and Haley Barbour have fooled more people in this state than Jim Eastland did.

Steven Palazzo debating Gene Taylor … give me a break. Palazzo and Roger Wicker are two pawns, just sitting up there to do exactly what they are told to do.

The only politician I’ve ever known in Mississippi to care about the people and what they want is Gene Taylor.

Why do you think Mr. Barbour and Mr. Lott are trying to tell you how great Mr. Cochran is? So all the good old boys can keep everything as is.

Please consider Gene Taylor and Chris McDaniel when you vote. It would be a start to having true representation in Mississippi.