Sen. Wicker: Obamacare Should Go But Shutdown Won’t Kill It

Robert Siegel speaks with Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) about defunding Obamacare, the continuing resolution battle and debt ceiling.


For more on the Republican strategy, we’re joined by Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi. He joins us now from his office on Capitol Hill. Welcome to the program, Senator.

SENATOR ROGER WICKER: Glad to be with you, Robert.

SIEGEL: You’ve described yourself as a staunch opponent of Obamacare, and you’ve said you’d continue to fight for its full repeal. Is repealing the health care law worth a government shutdown next week?

WICKER: Well, I don’t think a government shutdown would get us there. I don’t think, either from a policy standpoint or politically, it’s wise to move in a direction that’s going to give us a government shutdown.