“No one would begrudge Travis Childers for inviting the president or his wife to boost his sagging electoral fortunes – after all, he deserves some kind of reward for supporting Obama’s trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ failure and opposing repeal of his healthcare bill. But he shouldn’t lie about it. By snubbing the First Family after supporting the president’s agenda 70% of the time, the congressman has managed to offend North Mississippians of all political persuasions.” – Andy Seré, NRCC spokesman

Remember the 2008 special election, when Travis Childers denied that Barack Obama had endorsed his campaign despite evidence to the contrary?

“[WREG’s TOM POWELL] Childers responded to the ad during a campaign stop in Olive Branch. [TRAVIS CHILDERS] Senator Obama hasn’t endorsed my candidacy. I have not been in contact with his campaign, nor has he been in contact with mine. [POWELL] The Davis campaign counters with this screen capture taken from Obama’s website. It asks Obama supporters to go out and support Childers.” (WREG-TV, 4/08)

Well, he’s up to his old tricks – running from Obama in Mississippi after supporting his trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ failure and opposing repeal of the president’s healthcare bill in Washington.

Last week, a senior Democratic official told Time magazine that Childers was one of several House Democrats who had asked the White House to send the First Lady to their districts:

“Michelle Obama may be about to get her political toes wet…More outings could be in the offing. Dozens of Democratic congressional candidates, including Ohio’s Steve Driehaus, Illinois’s Debbie Halvorson and Mississippi’s Travis Childers, have asked the White House for her to appear in their districts this fall, according to a senior party official.” (“Is the White House Rolling Out Its Secret Weapon?” Time, 7/26/10)

After considerable political blowback, Childers’ office flatly denied the report:

“A senior adviser for Rep. Travis Childers denies a Time magazine report that the congressman is asking first lady Michelle Obama to campaign for him in the coming months. Brad Morris said Saturday that a clarification is being sought from the magazine, which published the item in its July 26 issue.” (Craig Ford, “Report: Childers seeking Michelle Obama’s help for campaign,” WTVA-TV, 7/31/10)

But the report still stands, and the congressman’s story continues to evolve.

Turns out Childers did, in fact, ask for the president’s wife to come to his district – “on behalf of constituents” rather than his campaign, he clarified:

“(Though Childers’ office insists his request was submitted on behalf of constituents and not political in nature.)” (“Is the White House Rolling Out Its Secret Weapon?” (clarification appended) Time, 8/2/10)

What that means, no one really knows – but one thing is clear:

Childers will go to any lengths, dishonest as they may be, to hide his record of supporting Obama’s job-killing agenda 70% of the time.

NRCC Press Release