NRCC Launches the Next Round of Code Red Targeted Calls Against =ravis Childers
As Time Runs Out, Code Red Alerts Mississippi Families to the =ems’ Dangerous Gov’t Healthcare Takeover – And How to Stop =t

Washington- As part of its Project Code Red offensive, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has launched targeted phone calls =oday alerting Mississippi voters and taxpayers to the =emocrats’ dangerous job-killing government takeover of healthcare. The majority of =merican voters want the Democrats to scrap their partisan healthcare bill =nd start over with reforms that will lower costs, but Nancy Pelosi and =resident Obama are counting on Travis Childers’ vote to force their reckless healthcare agenda through Congress as soon as this weekend. =o:p>
“Whil= Americans continue to reject the Democrats’ government =akeover of healthcare, President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are leaning hard on =ravis Childers to ram this reckless bill through Congress at any =ost,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Childers already has a =ecord of rubber-stamping Nancy Pelosi’s reckless agenda 81.7 percent of the time, but this time a vote for his party’s politically =oxic healthcare agenda could be the end of his political career. While time is =unning out to stop this dangerous healthcare agenda, Travis Childers needs a =ake-up call from the folks he is supposed to represent.” =o:p>

Targeted phone call script below:

“Hello, =’m calling from the NRCC with a code red action alert. Time is running out to stop the dangerous government takeover of healthcare that Nancy Pelosi and =arack Obama are pushing through Congress even though a majority of us =ppose it. Your congressman, Travis Childers might vote for this bill even =hough it will raise the cost of healthcare and cost us jobs. And this massive =ew spending bill will be paid for by cutting Medicare by 500 billion =ollars and raising taxes by 470 billion dollars. This vote could happen =his weekend – make sure your voice is heard! Congressman =hilders votes with Nancy Pelosi 81.7 percent of the time… Call him before =t’s too late at 202-225-3121 and tell him you want him to vote ‘NO’ =n a massive new healthcare spending bill and focus on bringing jobs back to =ississippi. Paid for by The National Republican Congressional Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. =02-479-7000.”