Beef: It’s What’s Getting People Indicted

Current Democrat Senate candidate and former Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove benefited from the failed Mississippi Beef Processors project — a fact that may come back to haunt him.

The project, which was approved during Musgrove’s tenure as Governor, failed after a few weeks and left Mississippi taxpayers to foot a $55 million bill and left 400 Mississippians out of work.

Yesterday afternoon, new indictments in the case were handed down.

And this quote from NRSC Communications Director Rebecca Fisher, “It appears Ronnie Musgrove is being outed for tip-toeing around Mississippi taxpayers for political gain. After leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for this fiasco, Musgrove now has the audacity to ask for their vote. Musgrove is going to find that his Senate candidacy is his latest failed endeavor — thankfully taxpayers won’t be saddled with this bill.”