Tea-Party Candidates Face Hard Reality of Campaigns

Some candidates acknowledge the movement’s limitations while also seeking its support. Former Fox News commentator Angela McGlowan, one of the most prominent tea-party faithful, is running for Congress in Mississippi’s 1st District. She is casting a wide net.

The onetime staffer for former Sen. Bob Dole boasts of personal ties to former Bush political adviser Karl Rove and Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele, something few tea-party candidates would do. She even cites how, as an African-American, she hopes to draw support from Democrats.

Ms. McGlowan faces stiff competition from state Sen. Alan Nunnele, who has won endorsements from prominent Republicans, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Mr. Nunnele raised more than $400,000 before Ms. McGlowan even launched her campaign.

“I have what none of the other candidates in the race have, which is crossover appeal,” she says.