Are you better off than you were $800 billion ago?

Greetings from the campaign trail! Following the 4th of
July weekend, I am reminded of the vision of our Founders. They
believed in a responsible government that lived within its means. They
also believed in debating priorities and making the tough choices
about how to spend our nation’s money, not negotiating behind closed
doors or hiding the realities of America’s checkbook from the

This week Speaker Pelosi and the House continued to block a five-year
budget outline for our country. Senator Judd Gregg suggested that
Speaker Pelosi was refusing to pass a budget because she “[does] not
want to let the American people see how bad the five-year numbers
really are.”

Speaker Pelosi is afraid of allowing the taxpayers to see the status
of their own money because she has spent more than is sustainable. Did
you know:

that the federal debt has increased more in the last 20 months than in
the previous
8 years combined?that the stimulus has paid over $313,000 per job
“created or saved” in Mississippi according to the
stimulus claims to have “created or saved” 6,952 jobs in Mississippi
since its passage in February 2009, but in that same time the state
has lost 31,967 jobs?that since the passage of the stimulus,
Mississippi’s unemployment rate has increased by 2.8%?that the federal
debt will account for nearly 90% of our GDP by 2020 according to the
Congressional Budget Office? That’s more debt than at any point since
just after World War II.that the stimulus cost nearly $800 billion,
more than the cost of the Iraq War?
Across the district, I’m asking voters: “Are you better off than you
were two years and $800 billion ago?” The resounding answer is, “No!”

We’ve taken that message to Webster County, Desoto County, Grenada
County, Corinth, Columbus
, Potts Camp, and many other places this week. The campaign is
picking up steam everyday.

God bless, and have a safe weekend.

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