And they’re off! The MS congressional race begins

A Republican state lawmaker in Mississippi hoping to unseat first-term Democratic Congressman Travis Childers says Childers needs to be voted out of office because he supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s agenda, which is “undermining the very fabric of America.”

Mississippi State Senate Appropriations Chairman Alan Nunnelee has become the first Republican to officially enter the race for the state’s first congressional district, and he says incumbent Travis Childers backs a House Democratic leadership that has “unleashed a barrage of liberal policies unlike anything we’ve seen in the last quarter of a century.”

“What we’ve seen over the last month is that a large number of quote — ‘conservative Democrats’ — have come to the conclusion [that] you cannot be a conservative and a Democrat in Washington,” says Nunnelee. “And one-by-one they’re either retiring or they’re switching to the Republican Party because they cannot stomach the Pelosi agenda.”

American Family News