Congressional spending spree continues today: Stimulus II

Nancy Pelosi is calling House members back into session from around the country to vote on the controversial Stimulus II bill that will add to the debt, raise taxes, and bankrupt states.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called members of the House of Representatives back to Washington today to vote on a $26 billion spending bill. The bill adds funding to some measures already funded under the original Stimulus. The $26 billion price tag is paid for with $9.7 billion in permanent tax increases and $12.6 billion in deficit spending. The current Congress is projected to add more to the deficit over the next ten years than was added under every President from George Washington to George Bush.

The House bill not only adds to our national debt and raises taxes, it also requires the state of Mississippi to spend between $50-$100 million in state taxpayer dollars to access extra, federal education dollars. Those state funds will have to be stripped from public safety, human services, mental health and other state priorities.

Alan Nunnelee said, “Congress is not content with bankrupting the nation. Now they’re trying to bankrupt the states.”

Alan Nunnelee Press Release – MS-01