Nunnelee For Congress Release – Where are the jobs?

Tupelo, MS… Congressman Travis Childers voted for President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s $787 billion stimulus package saying it would create 9000 jobs in the First Congressional District. Recently he claimed it’s ‘working.’ But the number of unemployed people in North Mississippi continues to climb with an unemployment rate of 10.2 percent.

The government’s official website charged with tracking stimulus spending ( shows over $216 million being allocated to the First Congressional District with only 612 jobs being created or saved. According to their numbers these jobs are costing tax payers $353,911.76 per job.

To make matters worse, it appears that North Mississippians have been misled by this taxpayer-funded federal website, promoted by Rep. Childers online, by reporting phony jobs numbers as well as phony congressional districts.

Why is the congressman continuing to direct struggling North Mississippians to this discredited information? Representative Childers should realize his mistake, admit the stimulus isn’t working and immediately stop promoting these grossly inaccurate jobs numbers.