(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Alan Nunnelee issued the following statement after voting for (H.Res.38), a resolution to reduce non-security spending to Fiscal Year 2008 levels. The resolution passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 256-165, and instructs the Budget Committee Chairman to set the top-line appropriations levels for the remainder of FY2011 at FY2008 levels or less.
“House Republicans are continuing to fulfill the promises made in our Pledge to America,” said Nunnelee. “We simply cannot afford to keep paying for the Democrats’ job-destroying spending spree. In order for us to help pay their bills, meaningful spending cuts must be implemented immediately.”
“The Appropriations Committee is committed to making the largest series of spending cuts in history, and the subcommittees I sit on will conduct numerous hearings and investigations to eliminate wasteful and duplicative spending. By voting to roll back spending to 2008 levels, the House majority is setting the tone. We will accomplish the expectations demanded from the American people – to cure Washington’s spending illness,” concluded Nunnelee.

Congressman Alan Nunnelee Press Release