Yesterday, Conservatives from the U.S. House of Representatives released a “Pledge to America” , a vision for what American government would look like with Nancy Pelosi fired and Conservatives in charge. That vision includes cutting government waste to work to balance the budget; real relief and stability for small businesses; common sense healthcare reform with ObamaCare repealed; a stronger national defense; honoring families, traditional marriage, and life; and a Congress that actually reads and shows America the bills it’s considering.

Campaigns too often descend into mudslinging. One side says one thing, and then the other side shoots back. Before long, all you hear from either candidate is negative. Sometimes that negativity gets personal. I’m making two commitments to you:

I’m going to run this race on the issues.
I’m not going to just talk about where my opponent has gone wrong by supporting Nancy Pelosi and her agenda. I’m going to talk about my vision for North Mississippi and our country.

Taking our country back won’t do us any good unless we start putting Conservative ideas into action in Washington. We must return to fiscal sanity. We must get our economy back on firm footing. We must get people back to work.

I encourage everyone to read the Pledge to America to be informed about what a Conservative Congress means for this country. The Pledge has specific, achievable ideas that can happen if we win on November 2. These are ideas like:

Giving small businesses a tax deduction on 20% of their income
Repealing the paperwork mandates that ObamaCare places on small businesses
Stopping all tax increases
Cutting spending to 2008 levels, before the stimulus and bailouts
Repealing ObamaCa re
Passing troop funding bills without liberal social policy attached to them
Posting every bill that Congress passes online three days before the vote
And many more.

Nunnelee Press